Jane Lawton
St. Augustine


Jane Lawton left her native suburban New York home for the adventures of Greenwich Village when she was twenty-one. The Village of the 1960’s was a dynamic setting for new ideas and artistry in every genre. For Jane, this environment sparked the artistic journey she still pursues.

The late 1960‘s brought marriage, motherhood, then divorce. Jane put her Village days behind her, opting for the idyllic Tudor setting of Forest Hills Gardens to rear her daughter. She pursued a career in publicity, and when life didn’t get in the way, continued to develop her painting skills.

In 1994 Jane retired to the French Quarter of New Orleans to join a flourishing community of artists. When hurricane Katrina put an end to that chapter, she found a new home with her daughter in the Hudson Valley of New York. The beauty of the Hudson Valley has inspired generations of outstanding artists, and although Jane enjoyed the opportunities mountains and country lanes afforded, she found the long winters too cold. And boring. So she packed up her cat and easel and moved to St. Augustine, Florida to paint schooners in full sail -- Spanish colonial courtyards – ancient buildings walled with coquina shells -- lighthouses and egrets...

Unless a realistic painting style seems called for, Jane favors impressionism. “A painting should stir feelings in the viewer,” said Jane. “I don’t go for ‘wow’ so much as ‘ahhh’. I strive for tranquility, atmosphere and poetry.

“Painting is a journey. Artists are constantly striving to reach the next level. It’s challenging, it’s rewarding and it’s fun.”